“Throwback Thursday” Instructions

Today is Day 12 and your challenge consists of 2 parts. First is the always important nutrition component, and today we have the “Whiteout” Nutrition challenge. For today’s “throwback” sweat session we have the “Dumbbell Demolition” workout. It will definitely be a challenge but I am confident that you all can handle it!

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1. No White Sugar Instead try maple syrup, honey, raw stevia leaves, cocunut sugar, yacon syrup, monk fruit extract, date paste or black strap molasses. Don’t have any of these? No worries! You can go 21 days without sweets and guess what will happen? Your sweet tooth will be gone!
2. No White Flour Instead try almond flour, coconut flour, pea flour, oat flour, tapioca flour or brown rice flour. You can find these at ANY grocer.
3. No White Salt Instead try sea salt. The most healthy salt on the planet is Himalayan Sea Salt. That’s my recommendation.
4. No White Pasta Instead try quinoa pasta, brown rice pasta, Black bean or Mung bean pasta (in the US I buy Explore Asian Autenthic Cuisine brand). An even better option is to buy a $20 veggie spiralizer and make zucchini or squash spaghetti noodles. It is FAST, cheap and easy but super HEALTHY!
5. No White Rice Instead try brown rice, quinoa (you must try this!), amaranth or jasmine rice.
6. No White Potatoes Instead try red skin potatoes or sweet potatoes.
7. No White Bread Instead try brown rice tortillas, use romaine lettuce leaves as wraps or even better Collard Greens as a wrap. Trust me on this, it’s good! Green makes you lean.

Monica Parodi

Monica Parodi, ‘The Nutritionista’

It’s Day 5 and I am so impressed with Mr. Shut Up & Train, the caliber of the workouts, AND experts involved! I am LOVING THIS! Stick with this challenge and your whole world is going to change!!

Today’s challenge is about No Whites!  Staying away from processed whites comes with HUGE benefits to your health but isn’t always easy if you don’t know what and how to replace your favorites.  That’s where I come in, to help with substitutions.  Above I made a helpful list of whites to avoid and alternative substitutions.  You CAN do this!


Use hashtag #WhiteOut and #TotalFit to post your healthy non-white food choices..

“It’s all about creating healthy HABITS, rather than restrictions!”

– Monica Parodi


Give 100% with todays challenge. There will be moments when you want to quit. Remember today’s Motivation and DO NOT GIVE UP!! Good luck, now lets get to work…


*Tip – Weights for dumbbells will vary depending on the exercise. If you’re not able to keep good form, lower the weight and/or rest and then continue.

Beginner Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, then rest for 60 seconds
Intermediate Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, then rest for 45 seconds
Advanced Perform each exercise for 60 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds

1. Travel Burpee Press

(Keep eyes up, extend foot flat & even with hand and engage core throughout this exercise)
Travel Burpee Press

2. Speed Skaters aka Azz Meats

Speed Skaters

3. T-Push Ups


4. RDL/Upright Rows

(Keep shoulders back, feet shoulder width apart and dumbbells close to body on upright row)
RDL/Upright Rows

5. Renegade Rows

Renegade Rows

6. Plank Kickbacks

Plank Kickbacks

7. Chest Fly/Heel Taps

Chest Fly/Heel Taps

8. Dumbbell Jump Squats

Dumbbell Jump Squats

9. Tornado Jump Lunges

Tornado Jump Lunges

10. Core Twist Presses aka Pocket/Shoulders

Core Twist Presses

I know that was a tough one, but great job finishing!! Cool down and rehydrate. Remember to remove the “whites”,EAT CLEAN and share today’s workout with the world. Til tomorrow…


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