#FitFunFriday Instructions

Today is the last Friday of your 21-Day #TotalFit Challenge, so it’s time to have fun and give away more prizes!

I know some of you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck after attacking this week’s workouts. If that sounds like you, then I want you to listen to your body. Drink plenty of water and rest if you need to. As for the rest of you, it’s #FitFunFriday and here’s your assignment..

Today you will squat until your legs burn or do burpees until you want to scream. And a select few of you will accept the challenge and do both!


Each hour while you’re awake, you’ll do the number of squats listed below. Yes, at work, while you’re brushing your teeth, or wherever you are, get it done!!!

Beginners 10 per hour (every hour you’re awake)
Intermediate 15 per hour (every hour you’re awake)
Advanced 30 per hour (every hour you’re awake)


and/or the…


As you can tell, burpees are my favorite exercise. And I know you love them too! That’s why I’m challenging you to do them today!

Beginners 100 total burpees (10 per hour)
Intermediate 150 total burpees (15 per hour)
Advanced 300 total burpees (30 per hour)

Stick with it and knock them out every hour. Challenge yourself!


Remember to post your burpess or squats w/ #TotalFit and #FitFunFriday


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Hope you have some fun with this. Good luck and be sure to post your #FitFunFriday pics. A lucky winner will be selected soon! Enjoy the rest of your Friday!

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