“Fit Fun Friday” Instructions

Day 13 of the #TotalFit Challenge is Fit Fun Friday. That’s right it’s BURPEE Time!! We want everyone involved so we’re keeping today simple. Be sure to Share/Tag and Repost today’s challenge with everyone you know!!


I’m challenging you to get a set done each hour today!! If your work schedule does not allow, add up your reps and get them done early or late, but GET THEM DONE!!!


Beginners 100 total burpees (10 per hour)
Intermediate 150 total burpees (15 per hour)
Advanced 300 total burpees (30 per hour)

Stick with it and knock them out every hour. Challenge yourself!

#FitFunFriday Social Media Contest

Win This Gear


For your chance to WIN, post your Burpee photo w/ #TotalFit, #BurpeeChallenge and #FitFunFriday.

Remember to eat clean unless you’re using 1 of your 3 “cheat days”. Enjoy the start of your weekend and see you tomorrow!

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